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Grown through history, equipped for the future

Erfurt, where ATeC Shoes is based, has traditionally been closely associated with the footwear industry. The German city boasts 120 years of footwear history, from the cottage industrystyle production of private footwear company Lingel to the stateowned Paul Schäfer factory with its products exported across Europe. Thanks to an innovative spirit and stringent quality standards, shoes from this city have earned an excellent reputation.

Our expertise and company philosophy are based on this history. Since our founding in 1993, orthopaedic footwear specialists have relied on the quality, accuracy of fit and meticulous craftsmanship of our made-to-measure uppers.

While we love to be inspired by new and exciting ideas and trends, we also benefit from our years of experience – allowing us to add new features to tried-and-tested products and develop these into a unique concept.